“Download Linux Free” is a distro review and technology information site. We list versions of Linux with the official download link, and write about developments in the open source community.

Our goal is to connect users with secure software, and assist anyone who wants to start a business or enjoy a home desktop system with low overhead.

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Our transfer to the Global CDN required switching to a WWW sub-domain in order to use the CNAME protocol. This resulted in a drop in web traffic, even though the old URLs had the necessary 301 redirects in place. In some search engines we dropped out entirely... Whoops! The intention was to improve performance, but that had the unintended consequences of reducing visitors to the point where global caching was not needed.

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Our new content distribution network will ensure that people around the world can visit our web page with a similar user experience, thanks to Amazon's Cloudfront service. Content is now cached locally, in a network of edge servers which can be found in most places. Additionally, our images our now stored in a separate sub-domain, so as to remove any cookies attached to them by parties such as analytics and thus improve performance for the user.

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A bright neon green button is linked to the official download page of each distribution. Each distro is slightly different, but most have options for either torrents or direct downloads. Additionally, the page may present options including CD, DVD, USB, Network Install, or Live CD.