“Download Linux Free” is a distro review and technology information site. We list versions of Linux with the official download link, and write about developments in the open source community.

Our goal is to connect users with secure software, and assist anyone who wants to start a business or enjoy a home desktop system with low overhead.

The Way of Responsible Computing

For an IT administrator or any member of an organization, it is important to have a stable and secure infrastructure. It allows everyone to focus on tasks which bring success to the collective group.


A process manager should work efficiently, able to display all running services. All processes should be under the direct control of the operating system and administrator, unsubverted.

A network status manager should display all active connections at what ports, initiated by what user.


Through secure practices and sound design the term virus can be limited to medical contexts, and not in the day to day activities of using a computer.


Production servers should remain steadfast and operational, with predictable uptime.


Office software should be able to read all file formats including open document standard.

Web browsers should be able to block popups, protect the user, and adhere to international standards.

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