Installing Debian 6 Squeeze by DVD

This article describes how to install Debian 6 "Squeeze" with a DVD. First visit the Debian main website, and download the installation ISO image. Afterwards burn it to a blank DVD.

Insert the DVD, reboot the computer, select "boot from DVD" in the BIOS, and press enter at the opening Debian splash screen.

Debian 6 Installer Boot Menu

Select Country

Choose which country you would like to claim to be from.

Debian 6 Installer Select Your Location

Select Language

Choose the displayed language.

Debian 6 Installer Configure the Keyboard

Select hostname

Choose a hostname or leave default and click next.

Debian 6 Installer Enter Host Name

Select IP

Choose an IP address or click next. If left blank, Debian will use DHCP to establish a connection to the software mirrors.

Debian 6 Installer Enter Domain Name

Create Users and Passwords

Enter a root password and confirmation. Next create a user to login with, and set it's password.

Debian 6 Installer Enter User Name

Set the Time Zone

Choose a regional time zone.

Debian 6 Installer Select Time Zone

Hard Disk Config

Configure partitions or leave default and click next.

Debian 6 Installer Partition Disks

Partition Write Confirm

Confirm the partition structure.

Debian 6 Installer Write Partition Change

Input other DVDs

Insert further installation DVDs, or Debian will connect to the internet and download any needed packages during the installation process.

Debian 6 Installer Insert Additional Package Media

Select Mirror

Choose which mirror to download and install packages from. The closest geographically should be the fastest.

Debian 6 Installer Select Archive Mirror


When prompted, remove the DVD and reboot the computer. Make sure that "boot from hard drive" is set in your bios.

Debian 6 Installion Complete


After reboot it displays the Grub boot loader, and then boots up to the login screen.