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Installing Debian 6 Squeeze by DVD

This article describes how to install Debian 6 "Squeeze" with a DVD. First visit the Debian main website, and download the installation ISO image. Afterwards burn it to a blank DVD.

Insert the DVD, reboot the computer, select "boot from DVD" in the BIOS, and press enter at the opening Debian splash screen.

Select Country

Choose which country you would like to claim to be from.

Select Language

Choose the displayed language.

Select hostname

Choose a hostname or leave default and click next.

Select IP

Choose an IP address or click next. If left blank, Debian will use DHCP to establish a connection to the software mirrors.

Create Users and Passwords

Enter a root password and confirmation. Next create a user to login with, and set it's password.

Set the Time Zone

Choose a regional time zone.

Hard Disk Config

Configure partitions or leave default and click next.

Partition Write Confirm

Confirm the partition structure.

Input other DVDs

Insert further installation DVDs, or Debian will connect to the internet and download any needed packages during the installation process.

Select Mirror

Choose which mirror to download and install packages from. The closest geographically should be the fastest.


When prompted, remove the DVD and reboot the computer. Make sure that "boot from hard drive" is set in your bios.


After reboot it displays the Grub boot loader, and then boots up to the login screen.

DateApril 27th, 2013
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