Opera Link Saves Personal Information Remotely

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Opera links and other new features are showcased in the 9.6 release, adding more features to keep up with the browser pack. The links portion claims to keep personal information stored securely in a remote location. Even though that is the direction the market seems to be going, anonymity has its advantages.

Opera Link

Opera Link

It is a free service that enables data sharing between all your computers and devices. It can synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, notes and other useful browser information, so they are available to you wherever you go.

The first time you use Opera Link, Opera synchronizes your browser data to an online server. Any change you make in your browser is also reflected on this server. When you log into Opera Link with a second Opera Browser, all browser data from the online storage is merged with the browser data already in the new browser. If you delete a bookmark in the second Opera browser, this bookmark will also automatically be deleted on the online server and all copies of Opera which are logged in to this Opera Link account.

About Opera Link

With Opera Link you never have to leave your browser information behind. Opera Link makes your bookmarks and other useful information available wherever you go – at work, at home, on your phone and on the road. Synchronize your bookmarks between multiple computers and even Opera Mini on your mobile phone, or log on to the Web version of Opera Link (which is useful if you happen to use another browser but still want to access your Opera bookmarks).

Keep your life together with Opera Link

Opera Link claims to synchronize your browsers so that you always have your browser data wherever you are. Another stated goal of the links addition is to make resources available from different locations, a common marketing statement form hosted solutions.

Opera Link synchronizes your:

  • Bookmarks
  • Speed Dial
  • Personal Bar
  • Notes
  • Typed browser history
  • Custom searches

Learn how to start using Opera Link in the Get Started section

Simple and automated

Log in once, and Opera will keep your browser data synchronized until you log out. Once you turn it on, the synchronization process is automatic and you can choose which information (bookmarks, Speed Dial, notes) you want to synchronize across your various installations of Opera. Links keep your browser information safe in case your hard drive crashes or your laptop is destroyed by water damage. A copy of your information is securely stored in a remote location, and all you have to do is log in to Opera Link to get it back.

DateAugust 13, 2009