Sony Netflix streaming device, choppy by proxy or network design?

A reader wrote to us and asked "Whats the deal with Netflix on my Blue ray player, it seems to have connection issues". One of our guest writers attempted to conduct a non-biased investigation and document the results. It slipped past our editor, and now that it has several links to it we can't easily redact it.

Netflix Buffering Lag When Streaming

Netflix streaming pauses to buffer

Our investigation

Call to Netflix - Netflix customer support answered the phone call. They claimed that the devices might route Netflix traffic through Sony networks before sending it to Netflix, but did not clarify on whether this would improve or impair latency.

Call to Sony - Sony customer support answered the phone call. They could not confirm or deny the routing of traffic through their proprietary devices, possible for the purpose of good security practices.

Call to Comcast - Our attempts to reach Comcast customer service were unsuccessful. In their defense, it could have been due to a one off issue and not indicative of a larger trend of customer service flow.

Common Issues

Is your device running on updated firmware? Many issues are discovered by the manufacturer's quality assurance team post-production, through user reports and analysis of support forums. Then, software fixes are programmed to account for those common issues. Performing a firmware update is good option for anyone experiencing issues.

How does streaming video perform through a browser? If it is choppy though a web page as well as the proprietary device, it could a local network latency issue.

An official company help page mentions a variety of possible things to help a user's connection.,66/

Our followup article covers ways to troubleshoot your network and connect to Netflix:

Netflix streaming device connection

DateThu, 28 Nov 2013 8:00:00 EST
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