Warcraft raider confessions, call of the basement

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At one point or another in a gamers career, they might have tried the World of Warcraft and felt the pull of the basement couch. A player named Alex reveals his journey through the raiding establishment, and provides insight into the game's culture.

Wow installs on Linux via the wine emulator.

Ah, Paris

World of Warcraft Paris Map

World of Warcraft Paris Map

“So anyway, i play a Retribution Paladin called Effy on Ragnaros EU in a guild called Le Damage, a few nice things about it is it's a fun guild with lots of progression, ranked pretty well in the world, server first and the people i think are great, enough to make me book a plane ticket to Amsterdam for the 4th IRL meeting on the 5th of august this year, which im really looking forward to!

So far after reading this you probably think im some sort of oblivious optimist, im not (at all), in fact quite the opposite most of the time, but i thought it would be nice to start with a “happy” opener and dont get me wrong im not a pessimist either, but there's always things that are going right and wrong.

I saw a blog made by another¬† guy who said that WoW has a “nerdy” image to it, which, i cant really deny to be honest, it has, and when you try to tell someone what it's about, you generally just get a strange look, and a “so you run around imagining your a wizard all day?!”, i've kind of given up on telling people what im doing on a sunday night when im raiding. Don't get me wrong, il never deny it (as the other blogger said some people do) as im in fact quite proud that im not out there drinking heavily/doing drugs and breaking the law anymore because i discovered WoW and i honestly have my world (IRL) to thank for it (more about that another time…..maybe), although a lot of people see WoW as a sick addiction,¬† even if it is, your not hurting anyone by playing in moderation, breaking the law, or killing yourself.

Escaping from WoW

But the “nerdy” image will never be broken from WoW, with 13 million players, i guess to anyone that doesnt play WoW, we're just 13 million nerds, living in our mother's basements with no life, eating fast food and seriously lacking a social life. The sterotype of course would not be there, if at least a small handful of players were like that, in fact im willing to bet a good portion of them are, but that doesnt mean to say they arent good people, infact there probably better people than a lot iv dealt with, and even been “friends” with in the past.

Couch vs. Real Life

I have to say i'm pretty happy with my life at the moment, its not as exciting as i would like it to be, id like more things to happen around me, and to involve me, but life can't always be a roller coaster, and i guess the best way to describe how im feeling with my life at the moment, is content. I have a beautiful girlfriend who iv recently moved in with, close family, good, honest friends and hobby's that i consider myself rather good at, and before you go making judgements that im at all arrogant or elitist, its completley the opposite, i realise there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence, but i think im pretty safely on the side of the latter.

In all this is just an intro into who i am, what i do, where i am mentally at the moment, so dont think this is it, il be writing again soon with some pictures and hopefully you enjoyed what i wrote, as i enjoyed writing it, so, even if you didnt, il still keep writing :P ”

DateJuly 22, 2009